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PTA demand to remove Some of the Content from TikTok?

Let’s talk about the most trending application which is TikTok, PTA demand to remove Some of the Content from TikTok. Nowadays, TikTok is very popular in many countries of the world including Pakistan and people of all ages keep uploading their videos on it.

The PTA immediately asked the immediate removal of content based on immoral, obscene, nudity, and hate speech. Remember, 2 days ago, a similar warning is giving to YouTube also.
In this respect, a statement issued from PTA said that in view of the growing concerns in the society regarding the content on TikTok an online meeting of the Chairman PTA and senior management of Tik Tak was held.

The statement said that while recognizing the recent efforts of the video-sharing platform to remove immoral content, Chairman PTA commanded that a strong and moderate approach be taken to monitor the content so that Pakistan could not access illegal content.

Press Release about Tiktok:

PTA has asked TikTok to block the vulgar, indecent, and immoral content for viewership in Pakistan.
Keeping in view the increasing concerns in the society with respect to content on the floor, Chairman PTA had an online meeting with senior management of TikTok.

Earlier last month, the PTA issued a “final warning” to the video app after receiving numerous complaints from various sections of society regarding pornographic and immoral content on Tik Tak and its extremely negative impact on the younger generation. ۔

After this, in a statement issued in response to the final notice from TikTok, it was said that the first priority of the app management is to keep the internal environment of the app safe and positive through compliance with the law. The statement quoted Tik Tak’s July-December 2019 report as saying that 84% of the inappropriate videos removed last year were videos that no one had seen.

The statement publishes that 3,728,162 inappropriate videos uploading by users in Pakistan during the same period were preventing from airing.

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Lahore High Court Notifications:

On the other hand, a miscellaneous petition was filed in the Lahore High Court last month for a ban on tick-tock, calling the video application a “great temptation of the modern age” and saying that it was a matter of rating and popularity on social media. It is also becoming a means of spreading pornography.

Keep in mind that TikTak is a Chinese social networking application that allows users to create video clips, lip-sync songs, and make short videos.

The popular video-sharing application TikTok is very popular in many countries of the world including Pakistan and people of all ages keep uploading their videos on it.

However, many tragic incidents have also come to light regarding the video on this app, in which many lives have been lost due to being hit by a train or being shot while making a TikTok video.

It should be noted here that the PTA had banned the popular game PubG and Bego app among the youth, which drew strong reactions from the youth and some social media personalities.

The PTA later lifted the ban on PubG and Begum after assurances from both.

Waheed Alam