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Flying Car in Japan

Japan claims to have successfully tested a Flying Car

Let’s talk about the new Technology that, Japan claims to have successfully tested a Flying Car. So, scroll down and read the full article to know more about the Flying Car.

By the way, the idea of ​​flying cars in the world is not new because for the last few years many technology companies have been busy making vehicles that are capable of flying, including walking on the road.
Many companies in Germany, France, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, and China, including Google and Ober, are building cars that will not only be capable to fly but will run on electricity instead of fuel.

Among such a car, manufacturers are the Japanese company SkyDrive Insurance, which claims to have successfully tested the small flying car they built. Skydrive Insurance, a new company supported by Japanese carmaker Toyota, has claimed that it has successfully tested a flying car, Forbes reported.

The company also released a short video of the flying car flying, in which the helicopter-like car can be seen flying at low speeds up to 5 feet above the ground. As can be seen in the video, the design of the car is similar to that of a helicopter and it can only seat one person, while the car has small ‘feathers’ on the front like a helicopter.


Flying Car

According to the company, in the initial experiment, the car was flown at a slight altitude above the ground for 4 minutes in Toyota’s experimental field, but in the future, the company will improve its flying ability and enable it to fly continuously for 30 minutes. The Japanese company has dubbed the car SD3, which looks similar to the flying cars shown in the Star Wars movie.

The company has been building such a car for the last 8 years and now after the initial successful experiment of the car, it is expected that the said car will be offered for sale by 2023 or it will be able to run on a commercial basis.

According to the company, the test flight will be extended after increasing the car’s flying capacity to 30 minutes and enabling it to fly up to 30 feet, after which the company will decide whether to sell the car or not. Will

It is believed that a German company had also successfully tested a car in 2017 by a Japanese company, however, no further improvement has been made in this car so far.

Similarly, in January 2019, in the US state of Virginia, a successful experiment was carried out to blow up a car made by Boeing Company. It was recently reported that the US Air Force had also successfully tested the car.

On August 26, it was reported that the US Air Force had conducted a successful initial test flight of its own car and it is believed that the said Air Force car will also be offered for normal use by 2023.

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